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About Us

We strive to be the most economical hotel in town! Often looking online to find a hotel in Valdez you see a lot of high prices. Here at The Keystone we offer simple, affordable accommodation seasonally.

Kesytone Front winter 2020.jpg

Winter has got us down... Closed down that is. Valdez is the snow capital of Alaska, with an average of 25 feet per year! And our namesake, Keystone Canyon just outside of town getting an average 45 feet! Valdez in the winter is covered in so much snow the Alaska Natives never lived near here, because without modern technology to move all that snow it would be nearly impossible to be here.


In the winter, when the town plows foot after foot of snow it all has to go somewhere. Our parking lot becomes piled high with snow, and while we'd love to have you with us year round, we just can't get in the door. We will just have to settle for seeing everyone during our business season mid May- mid September.

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